Modus operandi 

More than just a label, sustainability is an intrinsic value to Studio Minéral's identity. Sustainability is a way of being responsible, respectful and caring towards the environment and society. The studio reflects these convictions by integrating social and environmental impact into its conceptual and decision-making process. The key aspects below constitute the guidelines.

"Consciousness is the ultimate fruit of evolution."  (Edgar Morin, 2009)

3 thinking axis

Think proximity

Whether for raw materials, suppliers, manufacturers or consultants, Studio Minéral prioritizes short circuits and encourages Quebec expertise above all. 

Thinking life cycle

Studio Minéral takes into consideration all the stages of the life of its products and of each of the users concerned. This results in a well thought-out and coherent object.

Thinking Meaningful

Ceramics is a material that crosses time. First of all because it is inert, it ages very well without deteriorating. Then because the long history of its use by man echoes its precious, delicate and heritage semantics. For Studio Minéral, appropriating the material means creating and offering quality objects that we wish to cherish, preserve and share.

Photo par Caroline Bergeron