Holiday ornament | 2023 Edition

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Holiday ornament | 2023 Edition

In stock
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This fine porcelain Christmas ornament is the result of a collaboration between ceramist Greta Jonckheere and designer Alexandra Gelinas from Studio Mineral. This ornament is also the realization of a long lasting dream and embodies a desire to explore this material from new angles. It is also the symbol of their friendship.

Timeless, local and durable, this matte porcelain Christmas ornament will bring you the softness and bliss of eternal snow. The 2023 edition is the first of an annual series which will aim to be as unique as snowflakes. This time, we explore origami art and test once again the limits of the material.

Over time, every edition will contribute to the formation of an exceptional collection that can be cherished and celebrated. 

  • Matte porcelain & Satin (polyester) 
  • Light as an egg (60g)
  • Adjustable length 
  • Limited collection (x350)
  • Designed and made in Québec (Canada)
  • Dimensions: 70mm dia.
  • Packaging for storage included

Photography: Marianne Allen

Furniture: Boutique Eclesia 

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