What if my necklace broke?

Did you accidentally drop your necklace on hard ground? Has your pet pushed your collar off your dresser? No matter the scenario, your necklace may have broken. Do not be discouraged! There are several repair methods in the case of a porcelain object.

For a home repair, we recommend using an epoxy glue in two mixing tubes (resin and hardener) to permanently glue the broken part back together. Epoxy glue has the particularity of effectively filling in spaces as needed. For glue brand recommendations, please write to us.

There is another traditional Japanese method of repairing cracks / breaks with a lacquer: kintsugi. Japanese lacquer (called Urushi) is used to make the repair. A decorative layer of brass, silver or gold is then added. Studio Minéral does not currently offer a repair service. However, there are ceramists who have mastered this art of repair. Please write to us for contact suggestions.

Why did my necklace break?
A bit of chemistry ...

The atoms of porcelain are held together by a very strong chemical bond. The ionic and covalent bonds of ceramics are responsible for many unique properties of these materials (high hardness, high melting points, low thermal expansion, good chemical resistance) but also some undesirable characteristics, notably brittleness, which leads to fractures. Source

Thus, when the collar hits a surface of a hardness/density similar to its own (concrete, ceramic), there is a risk of breakage. We recommend using a support for hanging the product or keeping it in its case when it is not around your neck.

What if my necklace cannot be repaired?
The irreparable has happened. We recommend that you contact your municipality to find out about ecocentres or multiple collection locations nearby in order to find out about deposits for ceramic objects. As regulations vary from city to city, it is impossible for us to list all the resources.

Reference for the province of Québec

What to do if there is a stain on my necklace?

Do not be afraid! There are very simple cleaning techniques. See the Care & Maintenance section for all the information needed to preserve your product over the long term.

Why is there a stain on my necklace?

Hard porcelain offers 0% porosity, which means that if it is submerged or receives any liquid, it will not absorb it. This particularity makes it extremely hygienic and ideal for frequent use. This is one of the reasons why this material is found so often in kitchenware. However, with or without a glaze, the surface can sometimes stain because, from a microscopic point of view, is made up of peaks and valleys.